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Low GRE Score (so sorry if this is a repeat topic!)


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I just took the GRE for the first time today and completely bombed the verbal. There were two contributing factors: 1. My vocab sucks, I can admit that so I knew it wasn't going to be a 700 hundred, 2. my proctor was being a really jerk which ruined my concentration. He did dumb things like rearrange my id and locker key that was on my desk during the middle of my test, or tell me that i could not get new scratch paper because i hadnt completely used my. I asked during a break for a specific reasons which was so that I wouldn't have to interrupted my test in case I did run out in the middle of the test. These two issues combined gave me a score of just 380 on the verbal which is awful. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do now? I really need a great GRE score. I am applying for a PhD Psychology program at a couple of schools, not the best schools, but still respectable. I have some research experience, an okay overall gpa, but a great major GPA and great letters of recommendation. Also, I am only 17. Will my age work for me or against in applying? Is it something that I should mention right off the bat or something that I should just answer if they ask me.

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It sounds like if you redid the GRE with more preparation you should be ale to increase your score dramatically. The best way to increase your verbal score is to study vocabulary and to do practice questions. You could get a good GRE book with vocabulary words and just swat them. Also the GRE practice booklet from GRE is pretty good too as well - just practice and memorise words. As for your age, if you fulfill the program requirements I don't think that it should work against you - you obviously must be pretty intelligent to have completed, or almost completed, your undergraduate degree at 17. Some profs might have concerns about your maturity level, but you should be able to allay any concerns about your maturity level with your SOP and letters of recommendation.

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