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Applying to Phd Neuroscience Programs


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Hi there, I am wondering if it is worth doing a "chance me" here. I have 15 programs on my list and at this time I am just planning on applying to all since I have no basis of knowing if I would be a good candidate.

Advice or feedback appreciated....

Ivy League Undergrad, Biology Major 3.3 GPA

Top Ranked Biology Masters Program (currently 3.72 GPA - will improve by Spring ** although not sure that will matter - can I send updated GPA to admissions in Dec?)

Work 30+ hours a week for last 1.5 years in a neuro lab working under incredible Lab Director (Harvard Phd) who is my LOR. This is my Masters thesis work also.

Strong Personal Statement about my passion, experience

Internships in other labs during college

Demonstrated passion specifically in neurological degenerative disorders 

Schools: Ivies (long shots) Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Brown, Princeton, Columbia

Middies: Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, NYU, BU, BC

Safety(?) UConn, Rutgers, Brandeis, Northeastern


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