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Work supervisor has not sent any recommendation letters (deadline December 1st). Advice?

venus rose

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My work supervisor has not sent any recommendation letters out, despite multiple reminders, and having 1-2.5 months to complete them. I even asked her to please just use the same letter for every school, and she said it "makes it a bit easier." A few days ago, she commented that she will "try her best, but 15 schools is a lot, and [she] cannot guarantee [she] will get to them." I don't take these applications lightly in the slightest and this is really hard for me to deal with. I have asked her one moth earlier as well, if she needed any help and I got no response. As far I know her, she is a responsible person. I have been pleading with her, and have been constantly worried for several days straight. As of 11/30/22, there is not a single letter submitted. 

I am applying for Clinical Psychology PhD programs, and I have 2 letters from my professors and research mentors. She would be the clinical reference I suppose. She is a counselor herself. 

How would potential schools view this? Could it hurt my chances, even by a little? I would appreciate advice on this. 

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