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I am worrying about my choice of my PhD university, anyone can help?

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?Hi all, I used to finish my undergraduate study in the U.S., as an international student. I switch my PhD track to a different area, like from computer science to statistics. I used to have some evenly matched options when I chose my offers, and I finally chose a university with large frame, a well-known and good advisor, and a higher stipend. 

However, I did not like this university, although I do love my lab and my advisor, they are good. This university is located in a small town, and it is very inconvenient for me to live. Moreover, the quality of our lab graduates is also declining (although still better than my other options so far). I hope to change this tendency when I decided to choose to study here (ok maybe this idea is a little naive). However, my lab mates warn that I will regret if I do not choose academia in the future after they heard about my offers during my application cycle. In fact, from the first day I came to this university, I have lived in a great conflict. 

I don't know if it's normal or abnormal for me to feel this way, and I'd like advice from everyone. Thank you.

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