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*Honest* PhD Statistics Application Profile Evaluation

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I am currently a 4th year undergraduate at a big ten school in the United States. I have just applied to PhD programs in Statistics. These programs are in the T-30 or so, and I would like to get honest feedback on my chances of getting into these programs. Furthermore, I would like advice on how I should proceed if I don't get in this cycle (I graduate in Spring 2023). 


Undergrad Stats:

Degree: Statistics Major, Mathematics Minor

Cumulative GPA: 3.46/4.00

Major GPA: 3.5/4.0

Courses Taken (Grade) :

Introductory Proofs (B)

Real Analysis 1 (B) , 

Linear Algebra (Undergrad Version) (B)

Linear Algebra (Graduate Version) (A-)

Calculus 3 (B-)

Calculus 2 (B+)

Probability (B+)

Statistical Inference (A)

Advanced Statistical Inference (A)

Regression 1 (A)

Regression 2 (B)

Experimental Design (A)

Statistical Learning (A)

Bayesian Statistics (A)


Future Courses (SP 2023):

Real Analysis 2 

Time Series Analysis

Statistics Reading/Study Class: Topological Data Analysis (Includes Project)

Computational Statistics


Research Experience:

Research Assistant at Experimental Psychology Lab (Driving Simulation Lab)


- Mixed Modeling and ANOVA on data collected from Driving Simulation Lab

- Time Series Classification of Driving Scenarios


Other Projects:

Sports Analytics Project Presentation:

- Investigating features related to NBA MVP's - Presented at Sports Analytics Conference


Teaching Experience:

- Education Director for Data Science Student Organization

Created a course on data science for R and python for undergraduate students

Developed syllabi and course curriculum

Hosted weekly workshops 



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I think the 30-50 range on the new US News rankings is where I'd probably recommend applying. Your biggest problem is the low math grades which will be hard to completely overcome.  I'd apply to lower-ranked programs and biostat programs if nothing works out this time.  Get a job as a data analyst for a year or something.  

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