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UNC Biostat PhD Funding Question (Fall 2023).


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Hey everyone! 

Got my first admit for this cycle to UNC's Biostat PhD program. However, the offer letter doesn't talk about any funding. In fact, from my understanding, it seems like they are the only T-10 school to not guarantee funding to incoming PhD students. I'm a domestic student (US Citizen), however, I'm not an NC resident. So, I wanted to ask, from the most recent cycles, are there any cases of unfunded students? And what are my chances of getting funded as a domestic non-NC resident applicant? 

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UNC has been weird about funding forever (I rejected their offer years ago because they wouldn't commit to funding you through the entire program),  but others on this forum claim that they improved their funding offers recently.  I would bet that they are just figuring out the funding still and will get back to you in a later email.

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Heyhey, I just got my offer from UNC-CH PhD.  On my letter, they did mention full funding for 5 years as well as my stipend amount ( I am also domestic and a non NC resident).  I did get my offer later than you, so maybe this information wasn't ready when they sent you your offer??? 


(Also, are you planning on attending the visit day?)

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