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NIH PREP 2023-2024 Applicants Unite!


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Following in the same vein of the prior years' posts, I wanted to start a thread here we could keep track of applicants and applications. I want to make an online tracker which can help everyone see how the season is going so far, and hopefully start an annual tradition of tracking these metrics to make the process more open, transparent, and insightful for applicants.

You can find the page here: https://fabulous-pest-12c.notion.site/NIH-PREP-2023-2024-Tracker-4ac3f789b91e43d9a9a05cd0fd7d0c00

I'm really excited! A little about the tracker:

  • You can use an anonymous applicant name unrelated to anything, or you can use your handle here (or really whatever)
  • You can select which programs you applied to, have been offered invites to, have been accepted to, and have been rejected from
  • You can see how many people have applied, interviewed, accepted, rejected  - that have put their data into the system

For next year, feel free to copy the page as a template!

I'm thinking we can include our application stats and any details we want in the applicant page, but maybe that's TMI. Open to input! I'm happy to update with my info if people want!

Also, I'm interested in start a biweekly/monthly journal club where we can discuss an article together! If you're interested comment below and shoo me a DM!

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