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Reapplying to a program


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Hello, I'm reapplying to a program that I was wait-listed for and I'm in need of some good advice. I called the school to find out what separated me from the lucky ones who were accepted and was told that the admissions board wasn't sure if the program was really the right fit and suggested another program at a different school. I was then told if I want to reapply I should edit my personal statement and maybe send in a writing sample.

I'm sad because I feel that I may have shot myself in the foot with my personal statement when I talked about one of my career goals. I think I focused a little too much on one aspect of what I want to do and not enough on the other things that I'm interested in that I feel I would benefit from in this program. I was scared that I would come off as too scattered. So my dilemma is when i edit my essay should I just change the paragraphs that are dealing with my career goals and the classes that will help facilitate them or should I just start from scratch??

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I am also reapplying to some programs, even ones I got into, but for personal reasons didn't attend at the time, so I know what it is like to re-start applications. My approach, which may apply to your situation, is to simply write the best statement I can right now. Sure, there will be parts that are similar to last time, maybe even some paragraphs that are essentially re-used, but I'll also be completely re-writing other sections.

In the end-I think this is a question of how you prefer to write. Is it easier to start with your previous statement, but with the knowledge you may change a fair bit, or start completely from scratch and integrate old parts as you see fit. Choose whichever option works best for you.

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I am not sure what to do either. I did not get into the program of my choice......applied to 3, and got into 2. I have deferred one till fall 2011, and am reapplying to the one that dinged me. I was upset, but will try one more time. if it is not meant to be, then so be it. i have another program that is a close second in terms of ranking etc.

The only thing that makes me want to reapply is that the admissions committee got in touch with the prof i wanted to work in the department. he told me to reapply, and that is the only reason I am doing it.....

otherwise, why waste the time for another spanking?

any thoughts about going at the re-application will be great. i am thinking of writing an even more focused essay with some examples of my current work and how it applies to the area of my research interests. i took a much broader approach last time..

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