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  1. I am not sure what to do either. I did not get into the program of my choice......applied to 3, and got into 2. I have deferred one till fall 2011, and am reapplying to the one that dinged me. I was upset, but will try one more time. if it is not meant to be, then so be it. i have another program that is a close second in terms of ranking etc. The only thing that makes me want to reapply is that the admissions committee got in touch with the prof i wanted to work in the department. he told me to reapply, and that is the only reason I am doing it..... otherwise, why waste the time for another spanking? any thoughts about going at the re-application will be great. i am thinking of writing an even more focused essay with some examples of my current work and how it applies to the area of my research interests. i took a much broader approach last time..
  2. I don't think it is a specific idea.......it is about a collection of your background, experience, letters of support, test scores etc. that get you in. Not really a single thing that gets anyone in.
  3. MUCH more time available to spend on Grad Cafe.........
  4. I am thinking about a faculty position maybe in a medical school or a business school. I have worked for several years in clinical medicine, and have a business background (in software)
  5. You know this is exactly the type of example I am talking about. Ultimately, we all have to apply for grants and having top names count.
  6. My GPA is around 3.8; 740/700 (Q/V). But I don't think this is out of the ordinary of the schools I am trying for. I am sure there are people with much higher numbers... it really does have to do with overall application (resume, experience in the field, letters of recommendation, essay, fit with program etc.)
  7. Actually some of the schools post data on their website about where the grads were placed. Also, you could ask the Phd program coordinator for this data.
  8. This is an excellent idea! I had not thought about this..... nice.
  9. I think we all would choose a school based primarily on the research, but what else would matter to you all? Personally speaking these are some things that I would want to know: 1. What current grad students think 2. Overall university reputation 3. How well they place grads into jobs 4. Nice weather! Any additions?
  10. Good first step, but the entire adcomm needs to accept the applicant. But having a prof on your side will definitely help sway the committee..
  11. Yes, that is weird. But there are some who do not like plain comments, I think.
  12. I suggest doing the Tiger Woods method. You have to control every variable as he controls his well-controlled message to the media. You may have the numbers, but it could be other things. This is the second time applying and I only applied to one school last year due to proximity. In fact, the fit was horrible. Not a single faculty member does what i want to do. So it may not be your numbers, but the recs, the essay or fit of the program. Maybe you should up the ante: work with a specific prof. over the next few months at a school you want to be at. Ask recommenders whether they can write a "strong letter" not simply "a letter". If they cannot then you need to find others who will. the essay needs to be reviewed by others (maybe some grad students in your field), etc. I am sure you can come up with other ways to refine the approach....... however, I can understand the frustration and not wanting to do it all again.
  13. I realize that there are many people here who have contacted professors before applying. I have one I have interacted with for a while now (months) and he is not on the adcomm, but is very interested in me. He keeps saying that "admissions is not a concern", but from my standpoint I really am afraid to have any hopes. He keeps leading me to think it will be all good, but not sure what the hell to expect until I see an official email or letter. Despite my wanting to say "Get me in somehow!!!!", I have kept an arms-length distance from asking him too many times. I feel like I am going to piss him off, but my anxiety sometimes gets the better of me. Regarding your faculty contacts, have they helped or not helped this process? Not just regarding admissions, but also advising you about a career?
  14. Good question, but I think this varies. I know in my field some schools require interviews before offering any acceptances. But at other schools that I applied to, the interview seems to be optional. These schools want to ask for interviews from people they are not sure about, and want to clarify questions. A professor that I am working with at a school I applied for said "it depends".........pretty much an optional interview. I did not get an interview from that school, and he told me that I have a solid chance of acceptance after he got contacted by the head of the admissions committee about me. The school I got into ended up being 2 interviews. One before I applied, and another one after the committee initially reviewed my full application. And they were both phone interviews.... I hope I have given you some relief, but not sure if I have gotten all of your worries put to rest. I am in the same boat at one school that did not ask for any interviews. I am very worried because that is my top school.
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