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Profile Eval/Should I submit my GRE? - Biostatistics MS


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Hi all! I'm applying for an MS in Biostatistics (Fall 2023) but I don't have a good idea as to what a "strong" profile would look like. I'm also not sure if I should submit my GRE or not as all of my programs are GRE optional. I was hoping to get some input on those things. Here's my profile:

Undergrad Institution: Nothing special, state school, top 30 public. 

Undergrad Major: B.S. physiology and neurobiology

Undergrad Minor: Sociology (pretty irrelevant to my future goals) 

GPA: 3.9

Relevant Courses:

Math: Calc I (A), Calc II (B+), Linear Algebra (B+), Multivariable Calculus (A), Statistics I (A), Statistics II (A), Statistical Methods (A), Probability (in progress)

Science: Bio I (A), Bio II (A-), Chem I (B+), Chem II (A-), Enhanced human phys/anatomy I (A), Enhanced human phys/anatomy II (A), Orgo 1 (B+), Orgo II (A), Biochem (A-), Cardiorespiratory phys (A). 

Public Health: Public health seminar (A), Race and Reproduction (A), Sociology of Health(A)

GRE General: V/Q/A: 165/164/4.5 (I'm not sure if I should submit given the schools I'm looking at are gre optional and a 164Q is 78th percentile).

Research Experience:  2 years of experience in 2 separate research labs (both in health science/psychology). 

Teaching Experience: TA for Foundations of Biology (2 semesters), tutor student athletes in calc/stats/anatomy and phys. (1 semester so far)

Programming Experience: Python (familiarity), R (familiarity), G*Power (familiarity).

Public Health Experience: crisis textline , COVID vaccine clinic, COVID testing site, and hospital volunteer. 

Leadership Experience (not really relevant): Program director for a volunteer tutoring program serving a marginalized group (sorry that's vague, you get the idea :) )

RecommendersMultivariable Calc prof. (should be strong), Research PI (should be strong), Supervisor at the volunteer program I direct (Also strong but they're not a prof so I'm guessing this one will hold less weight). 

Programs Applying: Biostatistics MS at... Emory, Georgetown, Columbia, Brown, Duke, Icahn School of Med at Mount Sinai, NYU, Cornell, USC, and Boston University.

Basically, I'm facing some imposter syndrome and feel completely underqualified, especially for the programs I'm applying to. I would appreciate any advice on whether I should submit my GRE or not and if I should change my program list. Thank you!!!

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Your GRE score is not bad. Mine is much worse than you (Q<160, V<148, AWA-3.5). Still I submitted it to a couple of schools where GRE was mandatorily needed. Yes, I avoided sending it to schools where it was optional since it is not going to enhance anything to my profile (might rather affect negatively). Unless the school explicitly mention like "We need Quant>165", I don't think sending this score is going to harm you. I know some schools like Vanderbilt requiring 75th percentile which you have anyway achieved. Even if you reappear and get a little bit high I don't think it is going to drastically change anything. 

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