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CV vs. Resume


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I am working on creating my CV to send to LOR writers. I don't have any publications, but I have extensive relevant work and research experience.

My resume is set up so that I can explain, in detail, the projects I was working on. I only call it a resume because.... well, I've used it to apply to jobs, and its 1 page.

Are there any precise rules that differentiate between a CV and a resume? Without publications or teaching experience, what would the differences be?

thanks in advance!

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I've have posters and symposia publications and a article under review so I didn't get too heavy with all the details. However, I did list things this way. Hope it helps and I will be glad to send you a PM with my CV to see how I constructed it.

I have a section of mine that says:

Research Interests/ Research Profile: Paragraph pertaining to my interests.

Research Experience

Research Assistant: I outline my responsibilities

Research Fellow (Undergraduate Research Fellowship): Here I talk about what my project was about.

I also have headings:

Key Skills: All my IRB training, software training, SPSS, etc. Listed in bullet form


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Short answer:

Your CV is primarily academic in nature, and lists everything you've done making it quite long. My CV is already nearly 4 pages long, many professors have CVs in excess of 10 pages.

A resume is a more targeted, much shorter document that should rarely top a page in length, and be tailored to a specific program/job.

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