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Is anyone else applying, or has applied, for graduate programs in English with an interdisciplinary focus on the history of medicine/science or disability studies? (or something along those lines)

I am planning to apply to schools with faculty of similar concerns, such as Columbia, U of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Michigan, Duke and UC Berkeley. All of these schools either have strong history of science/medicine grad programs or certificate programs as well, and support an interdisciplinary course of study.

I would love to hear suggestions.

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Although I haven't researched to see if there are faculty with specific interests in that field combination, I do know that University of Oregon has at least two graduate students in the English program who are working at the junction between literature and disability studies, one with focus on physical disabilities and one with a focus on mental disabilities and psychopathology. At the very least, it's a direction that the department is actively supporting, so it might be worth looking into.

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There are lots of different scholars working on these areas within the humanities. You should research various history and english programs and specific professors, and you should also look at women's and gender studies programs if you're interested in gender and medicine/science. Most people working on interdisciplinary work are still situated in "traditional" departments, if that makes sense. So I would look at some of the more traditional programs and email people in those departments who appear to be working in a similar field.

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