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Hi, I am applying to some phd school psychology programs and some ed.s programs for fall 2011 but I continue to do bad on the practice tests. I wanted to know what is a good score to aim for and what are some of the gre preps you used. Also if you don't mind.....what were your gre scores?


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I know we already talked through PM, but I wanted to respond here incase others are curious...

As long as you score about 1000 overall, you should be okay for Ed.S. programs. PhD programs would like to see a higher score, probably between 1100 and 1200.

I studied for about a month, at little everyday. I used the Princeton Review's book for general strategies (like process of elimination, etc). I used Barron's to study the verbal and math, their math review is really comprehensive.I also used the ETS Powerprep software to practice. That software gives the most accurate score of all of the practice tests out there.

The score I ended up getting was 600V/800Q, but don't let that scare you! Keep in mind that that score is a lot higher than any School Psych program would require or expect. I think my high score was mostly just good luck (that's higher than I got on any practice test).

Of course, remember that the GRE is not the be-all end-all of getting into grad school! Your other qualifications (GPA, essays, letters of rec, etc) are much more important. A deficit in one area can be made up with high performance in another.

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I am having a really hard time with the verbal section....l studied barrons essential words (800) and Kaplan words (500) and Princeton Review but I didn't recall seeing that many words......What were some of the strategies you used to obtain a higher score on the gre?

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In addition to studying words, I practiced the strategies in the Princeton Review book. They focus a lot on process of elimination and other good strategies you can use to find the answer when you don't necessarily know the meaning of the word.

Remember that the GRE is just one part of your application. Don't stress about it too much :)

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