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Crashed and Burned on GRE Day. WTF?!


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SOMEHOW, I ended up scoring less than the first time I took it.

First time: 610Q 619V 4.5 AW

Second time: 590 V 560 Q. No idea what I got on the written part.

At this point I've discussed it with other friends who have gone through the grad school app mill and I have a few options

1. Provided I get a 5.5 or a 6 on the written part (doubtful, since I thought that I was doing great but I did terrible) I call schools and ask if they'll take my old score (1220) with the new written score.

2. Take the test again. Hope for the best. ( I am retaking the test either way :( )

3. Fark off for a year after my contract at work is up

Please advise! I don't want to see this test ever again.


$300 down the drain.

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Hi Schadenfreuded,

I think your nerves probably got the best of you.

Note well though, that your verbal score only went down 20 points. That could be 1 question difference from your last time.

Second, your quantitative went down more, but it is less important, I would think, for international affairs unless you're looking at international monetary or financial issues.

Third, many universities consider the topmost score (provided it's within a couple of years time) anyway.

I won't say if you should retake or not, but I will say I think these scores are not as damaging as you believe.

Hang in there!


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Just an FYI - I am pretty sure that when you report GRE scores ETS sends a score report with all your scores from the past five years. Thus, there is no need to contact schools and ask them to look at specific aspects of your scores. Regardless of what you request, they will receive all the scores and will do what they do with them.

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