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MS | ECE (Robotics) Fall 2011 | GRE : 1310 (Q:800, V:510 ), AWA 3.5 | TOEFL: 108


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Planning to pursue MS in Computer Engineering with a specialization in Robotics. These are my credentials:

GRE: 1310 (Q: 800; V: 510; AWA: 3.5)

TOEFL: 108 (Reading: 26, Writing: 29, Speaking: 24, Listening: 29)

BE (Elecrical): Credentials till 6th Semester:

Percentage: 64.1%; Percentile: 81.7%

GPA: 7.125/10; GPA wrt Branch Topper: 8.051/10

Can you guys please evaluate this list of universities and mark them according to my credentials as ambitious, moderate or safe:

Arizona State University

Colorado State University

Iowa State University

Michigan State University

Michigan Technological University

Northeastern University

Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey--New Brunswick

University at Buffalo--SUNY

University of Illinois--Chicago

University of Kansas

University of Missouri

University of South Carolina

University of Texas--Arlington

University of Texas--Dallas (Jonsson)

Vanderbilt University

Virginia Tech

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I think you should have a fair to good chance at all those schools actually. Perhaps you could consider adding a top 20 school that is good in robotics as a 'reach' school for your applications.

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