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After getting waitlisted by a Stats PhD program


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Hey everyone, 

I got waitlisted by a T-10 stats PhD program (where I'm extremely interested in the work they do). I got a standard waitlist email saying they believe I'd be a strong match and are placing me on a waitlist (said they'll have an update for me by the first week of April). Should I reach out expressing my continued interest or is it best to just let it be and wait for them to get back to me with a decision? 

I fortunately have other options, so this isn't the be-all and end-all for me, but it is one of my top choices and I would absolutely love to go to there. 

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It doesn't hurt to reach out and let them know you remain very interested. If it comes down to the end and they're filling the last couple of spots, a student who expressed strong interest and seems highly motivated to come is more likely to get the offer than someone they haven't heard from since they applied.

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