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Millions of LORs, everywhere!


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Most programs require 3. On a few of the online applications, they let me list up to 6(!!) people.

I had a tough time deciding on my 3rd writer (between 3 professors) and I was considering asking the other two to write additional ones. So that'd be 5 LORs (oh man!).

Q: Is more better, or would it make me look cocky/desperate/[some other negative adjective]?

I think they'd all write me really great letters, if that makes a difference. I'm also applying to very competitive programs.

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The application software is often used by the whole university so it may allow for wider margins in order to accommodate different departments' requirements. Make sure that the department that you're applying to allows you to submit more than 3 letters. If so, and you're convinced that all 5 of your letters will be strong ones, then go ahead and submit them all.

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I agree with fuzzylogician, check with each department you're applying to. I'm in a similar situation, I have 4 letter writers. I basically just wrote a short e-mail to the department saying...

I plan to apply this fall to your ____ program. I noticed on your web site that __ letters of recommendation are required. Would more be accepted? I plan to have four letter writers, but I wouldn't want to send all of them if it would hinder the admissions process. Does your department have an explicit policy on extra letters of recommendation?

Got a reply from most within a few days. if they don't respond by e-mail, just call them.

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