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  1. Our posts were only a minute apart. I like you.
  2. waiting and waiting and waiting and etc.
  3. Just a sidenote/PSA: The worst part about New Jersey is all the people who bitch about New Jersey. They make me want to dial whine one one and get a WAAAAHmbulance asap. NJ is actually pretty normal and alright in terms of places in the US you could live. Oh, and the traffic on some roads is also pretty terrible, but I don't think it's worse than other places I've lived (i.e. major cities elsewhere). tl;dr: RU is a'ight
  4. Oh man, I remember. As an undergrad, back in the day, I could stay up in the computer lab all night, fueled by nothing but coffee. I think I also walked uphill both ways in the snow to get to my office, and there were saber-toothed tigers all along the way. uh, I guess at this point you only have 24 hours or so left, but uh... good luck. If you aren't done, work like hell. You can do it! [/Rob Schneider]
  5. Dropbox, Amazon Prime, etc. But just wanted to reiterate--ask other students (both grads and undergrads!) if they have extra student discount cards. I don't know where they come from (I guess local landlords/property management places?), but some people have them, and they're magical. 15% every Subway purchase? 10% off the local froyo place? awesome.
  6. I am not a fan of whiskey, so I usually stick to vodka or gin. BUT if you're looking for endurance (i.e. a looong night out without blacking out), I'd say something like Coors Light. Go ahead and judge, but you can pretty safely drink this for hours on end without passing that point of ickiness. (Unless you hate cheap beer. In that case, ignore this advice.) Something like Long Islands are good for getting the job done if the friend is not in to alcohol. If they are, and they like whiskey/any derivatives, go with that. I have to agree with Jameson--not a fan of the genre, but it's a pretty s
  7. Yes. Drowning is a great word to describe it. There are a lot of really good, qualified grad students who do not get encouragement or reassurance from their advisors. However, I don't think the converse ever happens (i.e., an advisor is confident in a bad student). If your advisor gives you reassurance, att the very least trust your advisor on that! Echoing what juilletmercredi said, just about everyone feels this at some point. People have different ways of coping. For example, people who appear confident may be totally faking it. Even the person I consider to be THE BEST student in my pr
  8. 1. CONFERENCES AND NETWORKING. I. Love. Conferences. This is probably my favorite thing (not to say that I don't love the others, especially #2--I do, and a lot!) 2. Doing something that is intellectually stimulating. Challenging, yes, but it's great when it's a topic that you love. I get overly excited about some topics... it's terrible/terribly AWESOME. 3. Flexibility in terms of hours. I am fine working 80+ hours a week as long as you don't make me wake up by 9.... seriously. 4. I am totally okay with (and may secretly love) being in the lab for hours upon hours as long as I have som
  9. While ya'lls are waiting. Reaction gif time. Waiting for results: When the grfp site is down for some unknown reason: BUT IT'S A FALSE ALARM:
  10. Well, in my field, any sort of crazy hair seems to be okay. Not sure how much it varies between fields.... but a cleaner look is always good for a first impression, at least. One option, perhaps, may be to slick it back? I feel like most of the guys in Mad Men actually have the same length (i.e. above the eyes), and that's what they do. But I really know nothing about short hair (<10 inches) and about dude hair, because I am female and have always had long hair, haha. If you do cut it for the interview... it will grow back, fortunately.
  11. http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/Feb13/TRex.html kids these days don't even know how to draw a proper T. rex.
    1. sugarmilk


      Interesting! I would have drawn it incorrectly myself :P

    2. uromastyx


      Psh, science.

    3. Usmivka


      This is possibly the greatest calamity in the history of science. How will the next generation know if they've correctly reverse engineered TRex from chickens?

  12. Dude, a million e-hugs to you. Honestly, his reaction sounds completely inappropriate. COMPLETELY f'ing ridiculous. I think everyone has given some good tips, but definitely talk to your program director. Personally, I suggest explaining to him/her what exactly happened. I assume it varies from program to program, but my impression is that programs would rather help students get a degree of some sorts rather than just, you know, yell at them inappropriately and cut them off completely. It is true that they HAVE invested time and money in you, but it'd be infinitely more constructive to help yo
  13. OP: it's okay. A lot of people get nervous. They see this a lot. It's one presentation. To echo what other people said, don't drop out of the class. You could email someone/the prof and ask them what they thought, though. It may be bigger and badder in your head. Dang, I think if I tried this, I would cringe so hard that I would just hide under my bed for the rest of my life. But it sounds solid... I will probably try this. It's only been recently that I've become semi-comfortable with presenting in front of a small class. I can't even imagine talking at a conference yet. EUYCK.
  14. oh my glob, your avatar is amazing.

    1. pears


      why thank you! (: this was the tidbit of niceness my refresh-button-filled day needed!

    2. katerific


      you're welcome.

      and your grumpy cat-Monty Python thing was just what my life needed.

  15. My bucket list for grad school. 1. Don't fail out 2. Read at least one non-science book 3. Don't hate everyone and everything when I'm in the abyss of graduate school despair 4. Travel at least once (conferences don't count, but it can be before/after a conference, I guess) 5. Please don't fail out?? I don't have the highest standards.
  16. Hey! Fashion trends change each year (thus "trends"). I would never be caught wearing a Hawaiian t-shirt and khakis from 2012. Gosh!
  17. Oh my god, and I thought I had bad roommates in the past. You didn't mention your landlord--maybe you could say something to them? I know at my old house, extra people were forbidden (stated in the lease) unless they shoveled up some money. I'm assuming, though, they might not be that useful to you... Just echoing other people (who have all provided really, really good insight!), but if it is month to month, just get out ASAP. Losing a deposit seems bad, but it sounds worth it, and you can recover from that. Good luck!!
  18. This thread is so interesting to me. One of my labmates will be listening to a podcast in her native language while working. Me? I need silence. I can't listen to podcasts or music. Although I work fine in public settings with indistinguishable chatter/white noise. Sorry, I know I had NOTHING to contribute to this, but I am just so fascinated that people can listen to music and work at the same time. Ha.
  19. I have got a high five for you right here. High five, brother.
  20. Working on my actual project? Ehhh. Reading about what really lights my fire? A lot. A lot of hours.
  21. The internet is great. And it's certainly not what it used to be.
  22. I have never had a separate dining area in any of the places I've lived in. Definitely had a kitchen with all the works, but a separate dining area seems superfluous. ALSO, you'd have to furnish it, right? More money and more stuff. also, all my friends know I suck at cooking, so... I wouldn't invite them over for dinner, ha. Drinks and snack work well in the living room, though. I think the only thing I would pay an extra 45/month for would be a treehouse. I mean, in addition to the apartment. Yeah.
  23. May we all get showered with awesome data and "paper accepted" notifications and may our advisors stroke our egos for our small yet big accomplishments
  24. Man, I need NYE plans.

    1. msafiri


      Hahaha, me too!!

    2. katerific


      I asked a few people if they wanted to go out and do stuff, but everyone so far has said they want to stay in. Of all nights!


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