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  1. different subjects publish different types of articles and the respective journals and editors look for different things. coming the background I come from I wouldn't have a clue about the criteria that journal editors in your field use when judging a submission. You really need to consider, as Fuzzy said, giving it to your supervisor or some one else in your faculty, even a fellow grad student in your own department is better than some anonymous science student on gradcafe.
  2. I personally think paying an extra 840 a month to keep your cats with you is excessive. Lots of nice people want to adopt pets, could you not advertise and find them loving homes? then again its easy for me to say, I have wanted a dog for ages but have put off getting one as I will probably emigrate in a few years. I would have hard time adopting out my parents dog, but tbh I think if he were with the right people he would adjust.
  3. i agree with other posters that if you got interviews, your application pack and stats were considered good enough. I also think you should definitely consider your interview skills and consider how good a fit these schools were and/or if you did a good enough job a) convincing the schools you were a good enough fit and B ) that not having research experience in your particular sub-field was not an issue. However while i do you think should consider this of course, I also think that being rejected from 3 schools may not necessarily mean you have poor interview skills. They most likely intervie
  4. Hi Samsura, I am not expert, and rarely practise what i preach, But i.m.o, healthy eating and time for exercise/walks are even more important when you are under pressure and/or feeling a bit down as you are. Maybe you know this, but are have lost even the enthusiasm/motivation to do even these things, in that case you may slipping into a depression. I think you should force yourself to get out for walk/jog outside even if you don't feel like it. The fresh/ nature and exercise will help with what you are experiencing. In terms of your course, even if you were in Psyc, there may aspects
  5. Grad school is hard and a massive commitment ( long hours, poor pay and 5-7 years is very long time at times), so make sure you know what you want, and what you are getting yourself in for before you leap. Also to consider it will be a large extra burden to carry around if you know you are putting your parents under financial pressure-- I am not saying you shouldn't do it if needs really be-- its part of being a parent to do these things, but just consider how you will cope this added pressure.
  6. first off, *hugs* , it sounds like you are in a difficult position. I am glad you have taken the opportunity to get some counselling at this difficult transition. I really don't know if I can give any advice worth taking, but I will try to offer a few suggestions. Firstly if you still think you would like the career, 18 months isn't a too long of a time (i.m.o). In addition if you still like the area, even if the courses are not what you expected, there must be some way to make it interesting for yourself-- ex curricular reading that is more in line with your interests ect. If not, then I
  7. well this is rather late of a reply, but i think the best way out of a slump is go to your supervisor. If you need to refocus your energies a good chat with your super can really help I have found stressing about not working to be nearly more exhausting ( certainly more demoralising) than working hard. So be careful not get too wound up about having small slump period, perhaps make a plan for how you are going to get things moving, take a short break and then get stuck in---- if you find hard to get stuck in, break things down into small specific tasks and created detailed plans for the d
  8. okay, I'm in hurry and dont have time right now to read everyone else's reponses so this may have been suggested-- but surely you have a right to get out of any lease since you are being now forced to live with an untrained dog ( i mean the actual dog), 2 issues-- he wasn't on the lease when you signed it- so does that not make the lease invalid and secondly even if it doesn't. surely you have rights when it comes to basic hygiene ect living with untrained dog is unsanitary and not an ideal when you have a dog ( who you did declare at outset) I would check this all with free legal advice
  9. I agree with Sundevil, and I sincerely apologise to raimunda if I upset you.. I applaud your honesty and you bravery in accepting in your limitations ( If you do in fact have any). The only reason I posted as I did was I honestly thought you should consider that you may be over sensitive-- that's not to say other people aren't a-holes at times, or that life is fair- it isn't. I know plenty of obnoxious morans who either exude such confidence or power they are almost popular despite being idiots. And actually I am more likely to be one of those of people who is not super popular, mainly because
  10. if a PhD is your dream, then you should definitely at least try the test one last time. can you ask your advisor or other academics/students to discuss both your performance and approach to studying for the exam-- you got this far, so obviously you have the capability, perhaps with a bit of help and a lot of work you could pass. If you dont, at least you tried and as other poster said you will likely get an MS Dont let fear of failure hold you back, Muster up some courage and get determined to try all avenues before accepting defeat. Good luck
  11. The only reason I would quit a masters is if a) i realised that I did not like the subject after all b- decided I would prefer a different career that a masters wouldn't be helpful for I wouldn't leave a masters due to personal problems with both fellow cohorts and staff-- even they are really sexist and out to get you, I'm sure you didn't do a masters to make new friends (it would be nice to make friends obviously but most people do a masters to further their career) And obviously no-one on this forum is in your shoes or knows for sure, but if you have problems with both staff and f
  12. I have finally quit smoking. I am off them about 3 weeks now . Finally I feel I have turned a corner and that I can imagine myself forgetting about them. However, last week I was working on a funding app. It was difficult as I have given up cigs during xmas break, so getting into work was really difficult, as I used to chain smoke while working. In the end I just forced myself to write, even though I wasn't really able to focus and give it my all. I knew it was sub par. My supervisor confirmed this today ( he wasn't annoyed or anything and I explained why) So basically my fear now is that i
  13. So I am considering going Vegan. I have been a vegetarian on off and since I was 10. Currently I eat meat only when I visit my parents house about 4 times a year, I have probably eaten meat maybe 4-5 times in my own house as well. So I dont love meat and I am happy to give up. Last night I watched Vegucated- which is documentary that goes intot how awfully animals used for food are treated- its pretty horrifying So I m trying to find info, like what supplements I need ie B12 and calcium ect. Can anyone point to some good books, where I might get some good info I think I can manage the
  14. well i for one love crepes. I prefer them to pancakes actually, crepes are light, sweet and allow room for toppings to really shine. Pancakes are gloopy and bready and not near sweet enough. I think you just haven't had crepes from the right place.
  15. well i know this getting off topic, but i think pinkster12 is jelly to OP,Congrats, people always say there is never a right time to have children. think in the future which decision you will regret more. only you and your girlfreind can honestly ( and be honest, not PC) answer that question. it will be hard work, my sister has two small kids and has demanding jjob (expected to work 12 hr/days) and while she is tired and run off her feet, I know she doesn't regret her kids for a second. good luck with your decision
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