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  1. nothing from NYU here except the initial "your rec letters didn't come in because interfolio is dumb" back in mid Jan.
  2. I did not realize it was funded! If it's funded and you don't have a better option on the table, ABSOLUTELY TAKE IT (IMHO, anyway). Even if you don't want to go there later, it gives you some time to do more writing and research in the field without having to worry about working a full-time job on top of it. I mean... unless you have an industry specific full-time job. Then it's worth investigating which is better for your CV.
  3. roguesenna

    Los Angeles, CA

    well, a couple years ago my muffler fell off mid drive. just fell off. it was replaced, but it looked like the problem had been caused by all kinds of rust and crap in the undercarriage. I just don't trust the quality of the vehicle TBH. and I'm prepared for sucky housing prices and traffic. I live in NYC. luckily childcare is not currently an issue for us.
  4. 1000% agree with and cosign this advice. when my prof interviewed me we barely talked about his work except in relation to how it fit with my work. It helps to know the keywords they're using, obvs, but I'd be more concerned with how their work relates to yours.
  5. roguesenna

    Los Angeles, CA

    Kind of both...? Right now we live in NYC. When we moved into NYC, I left my 2002 Jeep Liberty with my dad in Michigan and my partner brought his Jetta with us. We will definitely bring the Jetta to LA because he is in film and TV industry and will need it. I was thinking about bringing the Jeep but worried it is too beat up to make the drive, much less pass a CA emissions test (how tough are they? does my partner need to worry about the Jetta?) I'm thinking it'll probably be better to have my dad sell the Jeep to help pay for the move, especially so that we don't need to drive two cars down there. That said, if my partner ends up working the long hours of an on-set PA (6 days a week, 12+ hrs/day and entirely possible) I feel like I might want it... That said, I'm not sure if we're driving or having the cars hauled... I don't know how expensive that is. Never moved this far before!
  6. Good luck with the partner's job search and the funding package. That is the main thing affecting our decision right now too and it is scary (esp. since my partner is more of a freelancer and will be starting in a new community). I hope everything works out for you!
  7. I would underscore some of what Pedanticistt said. 1. Extremely good fit with one of the profs. Such a strong fit that the Prof remarked on it too. I kind of feel like I'm mini!Prof. This is also the main reason I applied to the school and my proposed dissertation project involves looking at one of his earlier texts (foundational to the field) and examining how it can be brought current to modern technology and practices. I also think there are not a whole lot of other big profs studying this esoteric sub-field (fandom studies), so that makes the fit even more unique. 2. Prof remarked on how strong my writing sample was. He said that almost no one is really doing research at that particular intersection (fandom and race, specifically cross-racial cosplay) and that one of the big journals in the field had been looking for material of this sort and not finding it. 3. Prof also mentioned that an MA in Performance Studies from NYU was "no small thing." or something to that effect. 4. My biggest weakness was a low undergrad grade point average and Prof asked how he might defend that in the room. I explained that three big factors contributed to it. One, I went through some depression in undergrad and that had an adverse effect on some grades. Two, I struggled with some classes (inducing languages) that were outside of my major and later eliminated from the school curriculum (i.e. if I had been class of 2010 and not class of 2009, my transcript would have looked very different). I also explained how I would tackle the language issue differently in grad school. Three, I said honestly that in undergrad I had an attitude that was shaped by people telling me those were supposed to be the best years of my life, so I was determined to enjoy them. Prof really resonated with that and said he had a similar undergrad experience. So TL:DR -- Strong fit and writing sample (with good research area) got me the interview. Interview gave me a chance to confirm awesome fit and defend weaknesses. Thanks!
  8. Cosigned. I hope you get in too, coffee_enthusiast. Hopefully some non GCer will turn it down.
  9. I know you already have one MA, but I am convinced my MA made all the difference. Without it, I was soundly rejected, with it, I was accepted to my top choice. It really does give you a chance to dip your toes into the field and it also shows the ad comm that you're serious and willing to work hard and do whatever it takes.
  10. roguesenna

    Los Angeles, CA

    So hey, just got accepted to USC Annenberg and I'd like to revive this thread. Anybody have dirt on the Annenberg Grad and/or Family Housing and what it's like? What's better that or living off-campus? Can a couple survive with one car or do we need 2?
  11. Congrats! Looks like we are going to be classmates! EDIT: Just saw yours pedantacist and anothergradapplicant! Hope we all get to study together.
  12. "just totally geeked out all over a POI at a school I can probably never go to. BUT HE'S BASICALLY ME. #nerdlife" -- posted this a year ago. just interviewed with this prof last week. life is weird.

    1. PhDerp
    2. roguesenna


      haha. This prof is my advisor now! 

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