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Do any of the UCs accept International Students for their Ph.D. programs?

Ph.D. IR

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Hello guys,

I'm an international student with a B.A. and an M.A. from the accredited institutions in the United States. Does anyone know if the U.C. (University of California) accept international students?

Thanks in advance!

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Well, money is an issue bc international students cannot become California residents and they are more expensive. But they will take international students if they are good fits. There are a number of area studies institutes too which may chip in with some money. My impression is that if you really feel that your dream is to work with some professor at a UC, by all means apply. If you just want to put a UC as a safety school without much aim, think it over again, you may be waisting some money.

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Yes, they do accept international students. However, the bar has always been higher for internationals, because they can never qualify for in-state tuition. That means they cost the department a lot more. Not sure if the present budget situation will make this even harder or not.

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