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Should I take the GRE again?

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Ok, so I took the GRE today for the first time. I did pretty well on the verbal section (720), but my math score is absolutely horrible (490). I'm going to take a wild guess and say that not studying at all for math led to that depressing number. I'm only applying to English masters programs this fall. I'm okay with the verbal score, although I think if I take the exam again I can do better; but what I'm really concerned about is math. I feel like it makes me look borderline retarded. Do you think it's worth it to drop another $160 to improve my Q score? Do graduate programs even pay attention to that section?

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Don't do it! I had a 670V and 580Q and still got into all the English Masters programs I applied to; with your Verbal score you're even better off, despite your Quant. Obviously there are more important factors in the application, but if the rest of your app material is strong, don't worry about the GRE.

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