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NSF GRFP Eligibility 2011


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Hi everyone!

I'm concerned about my eligibility for the NSF GRFP. I am in the first semester of my second year, so I have completed 1 year of full time study. I took one graduate school course as a non-degree student prior to joining my graduate program, which I have now transferred to my current institution to count towards my first year - totaling 25 semester credits (I took 21 credits during my first year and 4 credits from the previous course). I think from the eligibility standards I pass as that I have not taken more than 24 part time credits and have not been in a full-time program for more than one year (for full time the number of credits is irrelevant, just the amount of time) - but it seems like I'm in a hazy area.

Any ideas?? Thank you!!

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Based on my reading of the eligibility requirements, i think you're OK. The only confusion I see is whether your one grad course prior to your current program changes anything, but I don't think it does. That's my two cents, but I'm certainly not an expert on this.

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Thanks for the advice! If you were me, would you list this school where the one graduate course was taken as a separate institution attended and split up the credits accordingly or just list my current institution with the total number of credits taken. If I do the latter, my current transcript shows the credit transferred but a grade is not listed, so I could submit both transcripts to provide a grade for the course. I just don't want them to get confused and count credit twice and then all of a sudden I'm not eligible.

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