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What is an acceptable verbal GRE


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I know this question can be super obnoxious, and therefore I am a bit sorry to ask it. BUT I just took the GRE and got a 650V/750Q (I know, a little out of place in the humanities scheme of things). When I first received my score, I decided to retake and am currently signed up for a test date next month. However, I am now reconsidering my decision. Would this score make me less competitive at top schools? Keep in mind that I have a 3.5 GPA (3.7 history and 3.7 after frosh year) from a top ten LAC and will have stellar recommendations and a top notch writing sample. I have never tested as well on verbal sections as on math sections and I would love to avoid retaking if I can.

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Amen to the previous responders. I've been told many times that once you are over 600, you get your foot in the door. The rest depends on the other, more important parts of the application.

Congrats on your fine score.

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