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What should I do?


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I just took the GRE and scored way less than I thought I would. I got a 580V and a 670Q. I just realized that I got the first question of the verbal wrong so that probably screwed me. I am planning on applying to PhD programs at mostly mid-tier schools like Boston College, University of Rochester, and Brandeis with a few masters programs also. I am reaching at Minnesota and UNC because I have emailed professors and they have been enthusiastic about my research. I only have a 3.5 cumulative GPA but I have a 3.8 History GPA with a strong upward trend. I could potentially retake the test in like two weeks and boost my score or I could just go with what I have. The professors who have read my writing sample have been very enthusiastic also. What should I do. I am an Early Americanist and know that grad school is where I want/need to be. I am just scared that I messed it all up.

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the verbal is a little low but you're not aiming too high with your choices. if you think you can improve by 50-100 points on the verbal with two weeks of studying, then go for it. otherwise just make your writing sample and SOP really tight.

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