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Ford vs Fulbright

Hiver Tongue

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I'm wondering, which do you think is more difficult to get, generally speaking, a Ford Pre-Doctoral or a Fulbright grant? I'm applying to the Ford this year, and I got the Fulbright last year. Just wondering if the latter would really have much of an impact on my application. I'm applying for the Pre-Doctoral Minority Fellowship and I keep hearing that it is "extremely competitve." My field is Non-Wester art historY. Any feedback would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.

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Fulbright acceptance rates vary by country/region. My understanding is that the Ford predoc has around a 10-15% acceptance rates. Obviously this is lower than some areas for Fulbright and much higher than for others.

But, since you're getting evaluated for totally different things, I'm not sure what the point is in comparing the acceptance rates of the two. There are plenty of students out there (here and in other places) that find themselves getting into the more competitive program or receiving the more competitive award only to be turned down for the program/award that has a higher acceptance rate.

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