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Slideroom Portfolio for Visual Arts (New Genres) HELP PLEASE !!!


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Hello everyone.

I would like to apply for the Visual Arts (New Genres) at Columbia University for next year (2011) and I have some questions about the slideroom portfolio. I'm from Berlin and i am used to make and design my own portfolio's, but almost all US universities want the works uploaded via slideroom.

Since I am working mainly in multi-media installations, including sound, performance, video and sculpture, I am finding the format of slideroom very difficult.

Slideroom only enables me to upload up to 20 images with a little text box. But for each work I have many components to show (performance, video, sound etc.) I'm finding it hard to only be limited to 20 images. If I am only allowed to present images, then I have to show minimum 5 images per work (video still, performance still, stills from the sculpture from diffferent angles etc), so I'll be only able to show 5 works..

Does anyone has the same problem in presenting multi-media performance work in the frame of slideroom.

I would be very, very happy, if anyone could give me some advice.

Thaaank you.


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