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Can Unofficial Scores be wrong?


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So I did my GRE today. I got 800V, 650Q.

Now, my Quant score isn't anything special, but for me, completely math-phobic, it's a big accomplishment. The verbal score, on the other hand, is more of an accomplishment from what I understand.

Basically I'm afraid my results are a mistake, a fluke, an error in the CAT algorithm. Could it be? If this happens, how often does it happen?

Don't get me wrong, I studied very hard, but it's almost hard for me to believe I got the exact scores I wanted. I PROMISE this isn't a stealth-bragging post. I'm honestly paranoid that I'll get a call in a few week saying "sorry ur scores are wrong, lol". I'm just so bad at math, and although I studied for 2 months, I was sure that nerves would get the best of me. On the other hand, I was scoring in the 600's on the ETS CAT tests. I got 610, 710, and 610 (I did one of them twice). So I guess it's not that shocking that I got 650. The verbal though...I dunno.

I did the test once before, with nearly no studying whatsoever, and got 720V, 340Q (ugh). So again, I suppose it's not out of the question that I would get what i did. I know this post is insane and just me thinking out loud, but I do genuinely wonder how often the unofficial scores turn out to be a mistake.

Like I said, this honestly isn't a disguised brag about my results thread. It's more of a "I was so anxious about the test for so many months that I literally cannot believe I succeeded". So if you take away anything from it, let it be this: the test can be conquered, it's not beyond you. You will have this moment of profound, almost disbelieving relief too.

Unless it really was just a computer glitch. Then you might be screwed.

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This question was covered before many times.

I personally have never heard of anyone who got a completely wrong score on the screen. Moreover, usually the score you receive in 2-3 weeks is completely the same. M score finally appeared online yesterday, and it is exactly the same as what I've seen on the screen after the test. I also scored much higher on verbal than expected and so did many people from what I've read on Forum. So this happens.

Congratulations on your score! And don't worry! :)

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An 800-V is in the top 1/4 of 1 percent. I.e., 99.75% of test takers scored lower than you did.


And a Quantitative 650 is not a bad score at all, unless you're applying for Engineering, Astrophysics, Math, CS, etc.

And, as Bukharan said, there's never been anyone yet who reported that their official score was different from their on-screen score.

One thing that does vary slightly from year to year, is the percentile ranking. ETS's website acknowledges this possibility. I.e., a 500-Verbal might be 43rd percentile one year and 45th percentile the next year. It's just due to differences in the test population.

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