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Touro Masters of Social Work: Is it respected?

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Hey there everyone! I am currently shopping around at different programs and came across Touro University in NYC. I attended an information session and there was a large presence of staff who all seemed very kind and dedicated to the students. However, the session did not provide as much concrete information as Fordham and Rutgers, and to be honest I have never heard of Touro previous to looking up different social work programs.

Is this program respected in the field? 

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Yes it is respected. I think that if you are in NYC it may not be given the prestige of Yeshiva University, but then again there are so many MSW programs in the area it would have to be a personal choice anyway. I got into Touro Law in Long Island in the mid-1990's but turned them down to go to another school mainly based on family and location.  In the end though what matters if you are going clinical is to get the degree and then get licensed. It seems that most programs offer pretty much the same general classes. Touro may offer some unique electives? Not sure on that. 

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