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Recommendation Letters advice needed!


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Hi....I'm having major issues with my letters of recommendation! I have a professor and a supervisor at work writing me letters but my third recommender from a previous internship backed out after initially agreeing....my question is, does it reflect negatively on an application if two of the letters come from different supervisors within the same organization....I'm considering asking my other boss to also write a letter...

(I don't have a lot of other good options...one previous supervisor from a a past internship left the organization and I'm not sure where he is and another one can only speak French!)

I'd appreciate some feedback...thanks!

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I assume you are applying to a professional MA programs, in which case I do not believe it reflects poorly on you to have two LORs come from the same workplace, especially if you have been there for a while. It is more important to have strong LORs, so choose people who can speak to your abilities and probability of success in graduate school.

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