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I’m hoping someone can offer some insight about how useful industry experience is for graduate admissions. My GPA was really low (2.9 :( ) As an undergraduate I did 2 med chem internships in industry, one at a startup and one at a big name pharma company.

After graduating I started work at another huge pharma company where I have been for a few years. I got a side methodology paper published (in a bad journal) and am a named inventor for 3 patents.

I got exceptional letters of rec from my direct supervisors at each internship and as well as my current job. Also my supervisor is close friends with the head of the chem. Dept at a top 10 school.

Does anyone know how much weight research experience and publications/patents holds? Can it make up for my horrible gpa? (I never planned on going to grad school, or else I could have tried harder)

Thanks for any advise!!!

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