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Profile Evaluation - PhD Structural Engineering


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I'll be applying to these schools this coming winter for a PhD and it's been my dream of getting in (and getting funding). I will be done with undergraduate next spring.


Current undergrad school: Rose-Hulman (U.S. News #1 undergrad CE school)

Major: Civil Engineering

Minor: Mathematics

Cumulative GPA: 3.77

Major GPA: 3.91


Desired Grad Program: Civil (Structural) Engineering

Schools applying to:

6 top-tiers (Cal Berkeley, Texas, Purdue, WashU, MIT, Stanford)

1 fall-back (U. Pittsburgh - applying only to MS @ this school)


GRE scores:

Taking the GRE Friday, just took a practice test and these were my scores: 470V/790Q

Assume I can raise my scores to



Publications: Primary author of 1 conference proceeding, which came from a summer undergraduate research experience at U. Pitt



Structures Professor at Pitt (Research Mentor)

Structures Professor at Rose (A in 4 classes w/ him, he was in the lab researching with me all summer and knows me well)

Structures Professor at Rose (A in 4 classes w/ him, grader for him)



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Anyone? I'm taking the GRE Friday and am nervous that if I get a 400-490 score it will severely impact my application to these schools. Also, how big of a factor is the reputation/difficulty of the undergraduate school you attend with regard to how they look at/weigh your GPA or in the entire evaluation process?

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I feel you have a good shot at all the schools. Just need to make sure you write a SOP where can project yourself as a good fit at the program. I would suggest applying to just a M.S program at a few schools on that list. Getting into the M.S program is a bit easier, you might need to support yourself for a semester or so.

Just took the GRE today, my scores were 520V, 800Q!!!

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