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Was wondering if anyone has experience with this or can share insight? So, I applied to a PhD program in November 2022. In January 2023 I contacted the PhD Program Director to inquire about when decisions would be made. The PhD Program Director informed me that an update about applications would be sent later that week! And indeed later that week applicants received an generated message from the PhD Program Director about the next steps and that those applicants selected for an interview would be invited via Zoom in February and that regardless of whether or not you received an interview invitation, decisions would be made mid to late March. I didn’t receive an interview invitation and waited out so during the last week of March I reached out to the PhD Program Director to inquire again about the status of my application and when decisions would be made. The PhD Program Director sent me an email back apologizing for their (grad committee’s) delay and that I would be expecting an answer soon. Unfortunately, we are now in April and I still haven’t heard anything from them yet. Should I reach back out or just accept that I am rejected? The program doesn’t have an official waitlist and according to their procedure, applicants are either notified of acceptance or rejection. 

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