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Canadian Phd Programs


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I blame your message for making me spend the last hour on the Toronto University website thinking 'God, this ** department looks so good. So so good. But it's Canada... Should I spend 110 Canadian dollars on yet another application?'

Sorry, I am not even attempting to reply to your question.

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I applied and was acepted to UBC (and Toronto as well but for statistics) and I can only give praise to the department. That is of course with regards to their research in probability theory, since that is the field that I work in. The reason that I didn't end up going there was all non-academic and I would think that if one considers research in probability theory (particularly of the more theoretical nature, if that even makes sense) then it is one of the top departments in all of North America. As for the rest of mathematics, I'm not quite sure but I would imagine that they offer a solid education.

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Toronto, British Columbia, and Waterloo are considered to be the strongest math programs in Canada. Some would also include McGill and Alberta in this list. These universities are all very competitive and have much higher expectations than most American schools (at least in terms of undergraduate coursework). Classes in Lebesgue integration at Toronto and McGill, for instance, are offered as a third year course and cannot be taken for credit counting towards a graduate program.

A difference to note between Canadian and American schools is that Canadian schools require a masters degree before entrance into a PhD program. However, masters programs are fully supported in Canada.

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