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Anthropology PhD



Hello all!

I am trying to decide if it makes sense for me to pursue a PhD in Anthropology. I currently work in the Cultural Resource Management (CRM) industry and have been progressing in my career doing that. I am about to finish a Master's Degree in Anthropology. I recently attended a conference where I was told about a budding PhD program that I might be a great fit for. It is at my alma mater, and I'm really tempted because I could focus on an area of Archaeology that I've never gotten to explore before. However, I have no real knowledge of how one supports themselves while doing PhD work. Do people get funding from the university that can support a two-parent household? If not, do they allow you to work outside of the university at the same time? Do people do this often? I'm at a point in my career where I'm feeling comfortable enough that I could keep doing what I'm doing, but also am getting to the point where my brain is wondering what could be possible for me, and maybe a change is good after working consistently in this field for 7 years. 

Anyone who can offer advice or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them. Thanks!

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I understand that with working in one place for 7 years, there will be many factors that make you wonder when changing the environment. With my work experience, I find it difficult to find a work environment that makes me feel comfortable, so I recommend you continue with your current job. If you want a change to make it less boring, consider reinventing yourself at work, perhaps inviting co-workers to participate in basketball stars competitions, or getting another job at work. company. As for further study, consider carefully.

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