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I got 1600 on gre but low awa score..B.S Comp Sci applying for M.S Comp Sci


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Hello, Gradcafe members,

I recently took GRE and got a wonderful score(1600) on GRE but low AWA score(3.0).

I was sure I was going to do well on Vand Q but for AWA, I was able to sense that my writing will be horrible as I was writing it down. Also, it was sure thing since I didn't prepare anything about writing but studying verbal and quant like a maniac..

So far, I recently graduated with B.S Comp Sci with last two year gpa of 3.5 from Cal Poly.

overall GPA is 3.0.

Now I am planning to apply for M.S Comp Sci.

My question is.. "is my poor AWA score going to make my application look really bad?"

if there's a solution to make up my awa score? what should I do?

if I apply for this year, I will be applying without writing a research paper.

If I apply for next year, I will be applying after writing a research paper.

I've been coding and never worked on essays since I was a sophmore in college plus as you can see that I didn't study too hard for first two years.

I am really honored to receive the perfect score on GRE but not being a great writer.

Thank you and I hope to read some helpful replies.

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