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PhD Funding Questions



Is it inappropriate to ask in the early stages of talking with a PhD program what funding packages are available for their program? This is a huge factor for me as to whether I leave my career-type position or ask for a huge cut-back in hours in order to pursue my PhD. Obviously, I will not do it if I cannot support my family realistically in a financial way. 

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I don't think it is. I think the faculty members know how important it is, and I always discuss funding openly with my supervisors from undergrad and grad schools. One of my lecturers once commented directly that US schools have more money and discouraged me from applying to UK schools .... 

Also, I had a friend who spent a lot of time connecting with a Cambridge professor and he had a huge change getting in. I told him to ask about funding in the early stages and if they don't have money for him, just don't waste his time. He didn't really pay attention to it and it turned out he had to give up Cambridge, because, no, money. I would say that he wasted a lot of time and energy on the program that he couldn't afford. 

So yes, ask it. I'm also working on the 24 phd applications and I only look for the unis that have funding available. Trust me, otherwise it would be a waste of time for you and the school. 

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