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Writing Sample for African Anthropology


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Hello Everyone!

I am applying to a lot of African studies programs, and for the program at UT Austin (masters, anthropology), for my writing sample I am submitting excerpts from notes, observations and essays I wrote during m y travel in Southern Africa. I don't have any relevant academic essays, and the professors informed me that it is pretty important that my sample be 'on topic.' That being said, I am stressing out whether what I wrote will be appropriate, (or if it is even interesting) and so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to read my writing sample? The application is due on December 1st, so I am beginning to sweat.

Thank you very much for your time and attention!


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But what if I am told specifically that the topic must be Africa, and the department is Anthropology, which is a field where observations have a lot of weight ...?

Take your notes, and turn them INTO an academic essay. No one is saying that what you submit had to be written while you were in school - you can write it now!

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