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Fully-Funded M.A.?


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Ok, forgive me for the asininity of this question, I'm an undergrad who does not understand grad school funding at all --

I'm interested in pursuing an M.A. in something like Middle Eastern/South Asian Studies/Public Policy. Is it possible to find fully-funded programs, or are most M.A.'s take-out-loans kind of deals? I'm so confused? What are some schools/depts that provide funding? Should I just apply for a Ph.D if I want full-funding?

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I can't speak to specifics. At my Canadian university (where tuition is extremely low in comparison to most American schools), my department does try to fully fund all of its Master's students. This can be either through scholarships, teaching or research assistantships, or some combination. When I figure in tuition, fees, cost of living and moving out here, I've probably broken even financially, or even maybe a bit ahead.

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One suggestion for the MA in Middle Eastern Studies. Try UT Austin. There is no doctoral program in Middle Eastern Studies so the top MA applicants are often given full funding. The deadline for this year has come and gone, but if you are looking for next year this is a real option.

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