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What to put on Resume; what to not?

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place but couldn't find a better fit. I will be apllying to MA programs in International Affairs with focus on International Economics/Development. I have 4 years of relevant work experience in my country during which time I have attended various international meetings such as WTO ministerial meeting, UNCTAD summit etc. Also I have participated to a good amount of seminars and workshops which are highly relevant to the field. Should I list them in my Resume, or should the Resume be more academic-focused? I would really appreciate some help and advice.

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you can/should throw in any and all information that you think will fortify your application. listing activities such as research, internships, seminars/conference, and so on related to your major is definitely recommended. mentioning titles, locations and host (if popular in your field) of the seminars and workshops will look good as well. however, you don't want to use tiny fonts, leave no margins, and go over a page. it should be a nice summary of your academic strengths and nothing more.

also check out this thread:

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