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Am I applying for the wrong programs?


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I'm finding my interests lie in the intersection of poli sci and sociology, but I want my work to be practical. I'm interested in topics of diffusion and the role of networks as they relate to national security. Do I belong in sociology, Poli-sci, public policy? I was introduced to social networks through sociology, so didn't really think to look in other departments, but have since been speaking with a lot of people in different departments who all (shocker) think their department is the bees knees.

Ultimately, I want to apply my research first and teach second. I am wondering how my potential advisors in sociology/poli-sci would feel if I didn't go straight to academia. And if I belong in a public policy program, which one? Network analysis is key for me. One person recommended UMich with their join PhD in Public Policy and Poli-sci.


Undergrad: solid, well known research university

UGPA: 3.56/4

double major poli-sci/sociology (a theme?) GPA: 3.76 and 3.81

Solid research in networks, political theory.

Worked in large consulting firm doing health care (don't want to focus on healthcare). Two presentations at international conferences.

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