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BU fellowships?

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Hi guys,

As I am trying to reconcile myself to the idea that I'll probably never get off that waitlist at Northwestern, I started getting more and more anxious about my BU acceptance (my only acceptance so far). They said I will hear in March or April about my funding decision when they sent me the acceptance mid-February... and still no word. Did any of you hear from them about funding? I definitely won't be attending without funding, even if it means I have to do go through this hellish process again next year. Thanks!

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Thanks for the information!!! Of course this is kind of depressing... Did they tell you guys that you were definitely not getting any funding? Or did they just not say anything at all?

They wrote to me saying the grad school chair and the dept. chair would get together and decide on the funding...but that was a long time ago and the numbers are clearly not very encouraging...

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Did anyone recently hear about funding?

When I called them they said that they will know around the end of the month, which was March.

And I also learned that if I don't hear anything by April 15, it means I did not get any.

I am really curious...

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I talked to them on Friday and they said that April 15 is the deadline for people with funding to accept the offer.

April 16 would be the last day to expect a positive answer, imagining that some people would reject the offer. However the lady did not sound very encouraging. I also felt like they notified the few people they are funding. However, some might turn down the offer at the last minute..That is my hope..Considering that it is the only school that accepted me!

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