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I would like to hear some opinions about writing samples in applications.

Some graduate schools require candidates to upload their papers and some graduate schools do not.


Should I send my paper to both type of graduate schools?

Now I have not sent my paper to graduate schools which do not require candidates to upload their papers.


I posted another paper to a conference this month.

I did not upload this paper to my applications.

But the dead line has already passed.

I do not know if my paper is accepted, but is it better to send this paper to graduate schools I applied as an added writing sample?

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Careful in the use of the term 'Writing Sample' because that refers to a specific thing in other fields such as English. Computer Science applicants are not required to submit writing samples that Humanities applicants speak about so be careful that you are not confusing the requirement of a writing samples for other fields.You can however send in samples of publications you have, or better yet, in your SoP put a link to a page where your publications can be viewed.

As for the paper that is not yet submitted, you could list it on your CV as being submitted and have your paper on a website available for the adcomm to view.

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