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LSE LOR dilemma


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I submitted two LORS one fro a professor and one from my employer but they have added the professional in miscellaneous saying they require two academics... ow this might sound strange but i had only two senior professors teaching me in my final who both think the world of me and are willing to give me recos .. the problem is the second one has since then moved to canada because her husband moved there and she is not teaching there either but she was a professor in my university ofr 19 years and she only quit last year. LSE is however stressinggg on the LOR being on work id or professional letterhead ... what to do ? cant get in touch with them at all they are on break till january 4th but my application will be held off till then :(

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ive hunted but it doesnt say anything about the professor no longer being a part of the university !

She should be able to submit it with a school letterhead as a professor emeritus? After 19 years she should have been at least associate if not full professor.

wiki says:

A full professor who retires in good standing may be referred to as a professor emeritus, or professor emerita for women. This title is also given to retired professors who continue to teach and to be listed; they may also draw a very large percentage of their last salary as pension. The title may also be given to full professors who have left for another institution but are still working full time. The concept has in some places been expanded to include also tenured associate professors. In some systems and institutions the rank is bestowed on all professors who have retired in good standing, while at others it needs a special act or vote. Depending on local circumstances, professors emeritus may retain office space or other privileges

sometimes these recommendation submission forms do allow a text box entry, you would not need a letter head then.

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