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my chance to get into a middle-level program


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I am chinese student

I apply for cognitive neuroscience program, focus on speech, hearing, and psycholinguistics

gre Q 800 V 630 W 3.5

Tofel 99

Bachlor GPA (chemistry): 2.8/4.3 very very low, I know. I hate chemistry in a top university of china

Master GPA (Psychology): 3.46 Master program in china is 3 year, like a minor phd. We take a lot of class (I have 32 credits of psychology courses), do a lot of experiment. in No. 1 university of china

A poster in an international conference

I have finished an experiment and paticipated in three experiments. But my supervisor...... . He want to publish a big paper,so he want us to analyze data again and again. Finally, We get nothing. we just waste time. No paper, nothing !!!!!

Reference: my supervisor, associate professor of singal processing(I have been his TA), professor of linguistics. it is said chinese student's RL is useless. anyway, I think they at least can prove I did a lot of experiments, i am good at signal processing and programming, and I took linguistic courses and wrote a essay about it.

I just want to go to a middle-level program, such as cognitive neuroscience programs in Gtech, OSU or PSU.

DO I still have chance to get into a program?

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If you are applying for midlevel programmes, sure you have chances.

You need to upset that GPA by excellent LORs and a SOP. Your GRE seems fine. But seriously, work on your SOP - it should be amazing! Perfect grammar, emphasis on your research experience, no apologies for anything, be confident and professional. Make sure that native speakers read your SOP before you submit.

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I agree with the previous poster. A 1430 GRE score is fantastic. That and a master's in psychology should more than make up for a mediocre undergrad GPA. A good research match, well written SOP, and good LOR's will make you a strong candidate for mid level programs.

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