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Some suggestions for safe universities for M.S.


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Although I have already applied to 5 decent universities for PhD, I am not at all sure that I will receive an admit from any. Determining a safe school for my profile is tough.

Here is my profile -

I did my UG from a tier 2 school in India. - GPA - low (2.5/4)

GRE 790Q/730V/3

Research experience - working as a research assistant at IISC - top research university in india, no papers yet, but working on one.

LORs - decent not spectacular.

I think applying for a M.S would be a safer bet, and would get my food in the door for doing a PhD later. I would like to have suggestions for universities that match the following criteria -

1. Low tuition cost ( Funding is rare for M.S as far as I know)

2. Decent ranking in CS (Top 60-ish)

3. Deadline for application close to, or after feb 1st

Would appreciate some help!! Thanks.

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I am under the impression that midwestern schools are a bit cheaper. Well, at least the living cost is a lot cheaper than elsewhere. So, I'd suggest you to hunt down those midwest schools.. There are several good ones: Washington University in St. Louis, Case Western Reserve, Michigan State University. I am not sure if they are safe though... If I were you, I would email these universities and ask if they have a cutoff for their master applicants. If you are above that cutoff, go ahead and apply.

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