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If you are not invited to interview weekend and are not accepted ahead of time what is the likelihood of acceptance?


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I know its possible to be accepted without an interview but is it possible to hear nothing until after interview weekend and then be accepted? If a school didn't like as many applicants as they thought they would or if a lot of students matriculate is this possible? So if you miss the interview date, is all hope lost or is there still a chance?

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There is a first year student in my department who wasn't invited for the interview. A particular professor/sub-field had a slot and the 2 or 3 people invited to the interview weekend for that slot chose to go elsewhere. Even though there were prospectives who had been interviewed in other sub-fields (this is a small department with a 'large' first year class of 6 so the sub-fields are not as independent as they seem to be at large programs) who had not been admitted someone who had not been interviewed was offered the slot first. There is still hope after the interviews but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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