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Recommendations for good MA programs please


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I am an international student who applied for the US PhD programs for the first time. I've obtained my degrees in England (BSc @ Bristol; MSc @ Oxford with reasonable GPAs). I only made the final decision of doing a PhD degree in the US after finished my master, which was in September 2010. This means that I did everything in pretty last minutes - took GRE for the first time in Nov (V: 490; Q: 670, Eng is not my native language) and contacted schools before knowing the scores. After I've gone through the chaotic application process, I gradually realized that there's likely to be a big mismatch between my goals and my credentials. I figure that I might have a chance only in 2-3 schools I have applied (see my signature for the list), so now I start to consider applying for some MA programs.

I hope to pursue a research career in Cognitive Affective Neuroscience or Developmental psychopathology - the interplay between emotion and cognitive functions in healthy adults, clinical populations, or children / adolescents. I guess I could use another MA degree to gain experiences in neuroscience research and push up my GRE and GPA.

It would be really helpful if any of you could suggest some good MA programs (preferably those that offer studentships)!

Your advice is much appreciated rolleyes.giflaugh.gifbiggrin.gif

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What is your recently finished master's degree in? Some schools (mine, for example) will not award a degree that is similar to another degree already awarded, so that is something to consider when choosing MA programs.

A. sesquipedale posted a list of funded masters psych programs here:

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