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Low Undergrad GPA, Decent Graduate GPA for DrPH program.



Greetings everyone! This is my first time posting here, and I have a question regarding SOPHAS and the application process for a DrPH program.

I'm planning to apply for the DrPH program this fall for 2024, but I have concerns about my undergraduate GPA, which is 2.85. I faced some family hurdles during my major in Clinical Lab Science. On the other hand, my graduate GPA for my MPH is quite good at 3.98. I understand that many DrPH programs primarily consider the graduate GPA. However, I would like to know if SOPHAS calculates the overall GPA when entering my undergraduate GPA. If that's the case, my GPA won't be outstanding, and it's possible that many schools might not even consider my application.

I'm wondering if it's possible to only enter my graduate school GPA on SOPHAS. Do most schools also look at the undergraduate GPA? I'm eager to hear from experts in this field. Thank you so much, and I wish everyone the best of luck in this application cycle.

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Hi! Here's the good news: DrPH programs usually care more about your graduate GPA, which happens to be awesome at 3.98 for your MPH degree. So that's definitely a strong point in your favor.

What about SOPHAS, they do ask for your undergraduate GPA, but you'll also have a chance to explain any challenges you faced during that time. This gives you an opportunity to provide some context and show how you've excelled since then.

(keep in mind that each DrPH program has its own criteria and priorities. Some may consider both your undergraduate and graduate GPAs, while others focus more on the graduate GPA)

Good luck!

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