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GRE Score Reporting


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I am from India and have applied for graduate admissions(M.S) for the fall 2011 term.

I have applied in all universities using the online application and used self score reporting to give my official GRE score(appeared for it on April 6, 2009)

My score is as follows

V - 630 (90%tile)

Q - 800 (94%tile)

AWA - 4.5 (58%tile)

Total - 1430/1600

I have reported this score in all my online applications.

I also ordered additional score reports for the universities and they have been received by them correctly. A copy(hard copy: score card) was also sent to me yesterday). It lists all the universities where the score has been reported. However there discrepancy in the score.

It now shows

V - 630 (91%tile)

Q - 800 (94%tile)

AWA - 4.5 (67%tile)

Total - 1430/1600

Will this cause any problems with my applications?...Do I need to contact the universities and inform them about this change?...



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No -- doubt it will be a problem at all. It's known that the percentile rankings can and often do change over time.

Ok. In that case I will just let the universities take their time in processing the application.

Thanks a lot.


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If I understood correctly, everything went up in your favour. I don't think you need to worry at all!

Surely, the universities have been receiving GRE scores for thousands of applicants for years and now know that sometimes percentiles change.

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